Paul Pruett's Great Client Experience With Build-A-Brand in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Build-A-Brand's Blog | Paul Pruett's Great Client Experience With Build-A-Brand

Build-A-Brand gives our client's the great experience that they were looking for. It is a tool to brand yourself and create client satisfaction. The voice of a client is important and starting off, Paul goes over Build-A-Brand’s features such as, Digital Business Card, profile, and how to send video messages. ‘Started a little skeptical of this and now I’m on board 100%’, says Paul. Once the product was used to bring in a lead, using video messaging, Paul confirmed, ‘It works!’ Paul used video messaging to confirm that he, ‘set the appointment with Rosie and she’s coming in 11 o’clock on Friday.’ The Client's experience gives an example of how Build-A-Brand can help increase sales and client engagement.

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