Acura Precision EV Concept (ZDX) First Look Video in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

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Check out KBB new video on the Acura Precision EV Concept car! The exterior design of the Acura Precision EV Concept feels modern, sleek, quite minimalistic for the Japanese brand that normally employs lots of sheet metal creases. I like the high cheeks on this and what almost looks like a water line around the rockers. I’m a less is more gal. Designers at Acura took inspiration from luxury boat design and I can totally see that. And, no, not just because of its size. Sporty features include the raked windshield and the clear aero we’ve got going on up front. And this cool 3D particle glitch motif on grille and wheels. Speaking of, yes, it’s got wheels the appropriate concept vehicle size (Graphic: 23-inches) and Indy Yellow Pearl brake calipers.

We weren’t able to get into the interior because it doesn’t exist yet except for in virtual form and my dreams, because what they showed up was nothing short of spectacular. Acura gives the Precision EV Concept interior a sort of Jekyll and Hyde story. When you’re driving they’ve got what’s called and Instinctive Drive mode, which focuses on mechanical and visceral details. The cockpit is massively inspired by Formula 1 complete with yoke steering wheel and some halo design elements. All driver controls live on the steering wheel. But the coolest thing, the screens that show driver information and infotainment turn completely transparent when you’re not using them. When would you not use them you ask? That’s the mode that Acura calls Spiritual Lounge, which emphasizes relaxation, and is more inwardly focused.

While your car drives for you, yes, they’re bracing for an autonomous future, the lighting and even smells in the car invoke serene situations within so you’re not freaking out about traffic without. I love the water ripple effect they’ve got happening in here. You could watch KBB videos in here while the car drives you, if only you subscribed.

All the interior materials are organic, sustainable, recycled or upcycled including wood, biomass leather, a polyweave synthetic on seats, and even a forged wood chip acrylic that does a great carbon fiber impression. When it comes to HMI that particle glitch motif on the exterior will show up on boot up and driver or passenger interactivity will include haptic touch.

Next I’m sure we’ll be able to blink and change our Spotify playlists.

00:00 Acura Precision EV Concept

0:26 Exterior

2:32 Interior

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