The Voice of the Client and How Build-A-Brand Helps Them in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Build-A-Brand's Blog | The Voice of the Client and How Build-A-Brand Helps Them

Build-A-Brand helps brand yourself and gives client engagement and satisfaction with the client's journey with using this product. As an individual user of Build-A-Brand, Jeff’s overall client experience was, ‘probably one of the best apps I’ve ever had! It takes everything that I got, want and need and puts it all in one.’ He also refers to Build-A-Brand’s features that work for him such as, ‘looking at inventory, getting text messages from me, I can see them opening up my video messages when I see them. I actually sent one the other day, the girl opened it right away, super excited about the vehicle, it was her first vehicle and she came in and bought that day.’ When asked by Cameron, ‘What is first thing you do in the morning?’ Bates responds, ‘Check out Build-A-Brand.’ This is a way to brand yourself and give clients the experience they are looking for to begin their journeys.   

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