An Example of a Top Client Feeback Video in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

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Alex Cox’s first reaction to Build-A-Brand was, ‘we’re super excited to get running with the Build-A-Brand, -- thought the tool was awesome; I can see how it’s going to help all of our sales guys, our managers and our company grow.’  Alex continues with saying, ‘everybody’s talking about building a business within a business and what else can you do besides brand yourself? So, when you stumble along Build-A-Brand, it’s Phenomenal!’ Build-A-Brand’s biggest benefit is that it offers many tools and Alex says, ‘now our guys can market themselves, they can subtract their referrals, they can send out referrals, have their inventory online, calculating payments, its absolutely awesome and we are super excited and we think it’s going to help take us to the next level.’ When asked by Cameron, ‘if there is somebody that say doesn’t believe that something like this could help their dealership, what would you say?’ Cox responds with, ‘I’d say their crazy—it’s awesome and I think it’s going to be great!’ This was a great video testimony from Alex. He gives powerful feedback and shows how Build-A-Brand creates that client journey and engagement.

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