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Check out this new video from KBB on the Nissan Z!

If you’re interested in buying the 2023 Nissan Z, you’re looking at a $40,000 base for the Z Sport. With the Z’s 3.0-liter V6 making 400 horsepower, a colleague of mine mentioned that’s $100/horse. Another great value proposition even for today. If you get the Z Performance (graphic: Z Performance base price ~$50,000) that will tack on a rev matching feature on your manual transmission, a sport tuned suspension, Bridgestone Potenza performance tires (graphic: Front: 255/40R19 Rear: 275/35R19), a front chin spoiler, rear spoiler and some nice interior extras.

Yes, this is a two-seat coupe, so I could see this feeling a bit snug for someone not of my average 5-5 lady stature. The seats feel nice, even during a long stint and everything is within arm’s reach for me when it comes to controls. Overall, I’m comfortable.

When it comes to the electronic interface this is a vast improvement over the previous 370Z. It’s modern in here, hallelujah! An 8-inch infotainment display comes standard, but you can upgrade to a 9-inch version with navigation. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard as does satellite radio capability. You can upgrade to a premium Bose audio system to appropriately blast your tunes, audio book or self-help podcast confirming how amazing you are while you’re driving to your destination. I appreciate that there are good driver assistance features in here like blind-spot monitoring and lane-departure warning, because visibility is a bit hampered by a rather large b-pilar, because sports car. And I love that it’s got adaptive cruise control standard, even on a manual transmission car, so I can relax a little bit more on the drive.

Even though this Z is a little heavier than the outgoing model, to the tune of about 180 pounds, this engine will make you forget that fact. This turbo feels quick and lively and ready for action. The throttle pedal feels very excitable to me, maybe a bit too gung-ho when you’re just driving normally, but when you’re driving for fun’s sake, it’s great. The brakes feel good. This car I’m driving has the performance brakes with red calipers and they are quite grabby, great for when you’re out really doing some driving, but in regular commuting they can take some adjusting to.

I will also preface all of this by stating that this is a pre-production model so things might change slightly when we get into production. The chassis the Z rides on is the same as the previous Z. There have been some changes made, it’s been reinforced for more torsional stiffness but that’s only been improved by 11%. Rigidity is improved by almost 24%. That’s a more significant number.

There’s much parity in the suspension set up as well, with a control arm front and multilink rear suspension. That front upper control arm gives it that increased caster and there are now monotube dampers instead of twin tubes, but everything else remains the same, so you’re not going to see a whole lot of difference in driving when at the Z’s limits, or at least as far as I could take it.

As far a balance goes, I think the Z does a nice job around turns, especially if you’re not really pushing the car super hard, which, unless you’re tracking it a lot you likely won’t be doing. You get different modes on the automatic model but nothing customizable like you get on the new Honda Civic Type R now. The Mazda MX5, Honda Civic Si and Type R, Subaru WRX and BRZ, the Toyota Corolla GR and the Volkswagen Golf GTI and R all still contribute to the manual transmission club.

Where does this one rank for me when it comes to rowing? Well, I haven’t gotten in the Corolla GR yet, but I’d say the gearbox on the Z feels mid-pack. Let’s not forget that the Supra is getting a manual as well.

When it comes to design and styling there can be no doubt that the Nissan Z is a 100% looker, especially in this red. On this entire drive people have been taking pictures and waving, and definitely not at me but the car. They bring in so much heritage from previous generations of this car that all work well together, while still being a great blank slate for you doing whatever you want to do with it.

I appreciate Nissan’s commitment to adding another real driver’s car into the mix. There’s so much here to be excited about from the manual transmission, to the exciting engine to the spectacular design. The folks at Nissan have done a great job bring the Z into the modern age. They’ve put together a car that enthusiasts are really going to love making their own.

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