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Do you know lots about cars? Learning interesting car facts is always fun, and you never know when you may need the information. You could be the game-winner at Trivia Night or, you could help someone stranded by the side of the road with just the right car knowledge. These car facts are great conversation starters and could possibly win you that trophy on trivia night!


Here are 5 fascinating car facts that you will want to share with your friends.

  1. The windshield wiper was first considered a distraction.
  2. A dashboard was initially a single piece of wood attached to a horse-drawn carriage.
  3. 80 million cars are produced per year.
  4. The year the last car came with a cassette player was 2011.
  5. The word “car” is derived from the Latin word, Carrum, which means, “two-wheeled Celtic war chariot.”


Which fact surprised you the most? Do you have a car fact you would like to share? Throw it out there!


One thing I know for a fact....If you want great customer service when you are buying your next vehicle; contact me!


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