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The most obvious thing about the 2023 Nissan Ariya’s exterior probably the front end. No grille. Why would you need it? Instead, Nissan’s using a shield with illuminated badging to house sensors for driver’s assistance features like their ProPilot Assist system. The front end with Nissan’s V-motion design headlights incorporated looks modern. If you look closely you can see this graphic pattern eludes to a Japanese ma design style. This is supposed to look like clouds parting as the sun, the Nissan logo, rises.

To keep the taillight continuous, they opted for a first of its kind written out NISSAN badge. It gets fender flares that give it a hint of muscularity and a feeling of power.

Mazda’s MX-30 does a great job in the looks department, too, but I think I like how the Ariya looks just a bit better. It doesn’t get that super high beltline and feels better proportioned.

Because the Ariya rides on an EV exclusive platform, designers didn’t have to work around structures for mechanicals that don’t exist. For example, it doesn’t need to accommodate for a transmission tube or physical connections to the transmission, so there is a flat floor giving you more space that what’s usable in the segment with ICE cars. You get a movable center console for adjustment and comfort. There’s a tray for resting things or stashing stuff. And if you’re not using your wireless charger with your Wireless Apple CarPlay there’s a space where you can wind up your charge cord.

Of course, there’s a ton of tech on the interior as well. You’ve got standard dual 12.3-inch screens that stretch from the A-pilar to the center of the cabin. These work in tandem with Nissan’s easy to use UX system to really give the driver a customizable set up for their information and I like how they’re oriented to the driver making them easy to see. There aren’t a ton of physical buttons, but you get haptic feedback controls in this wood finish for HVAC. It’s pretty sensitive but it’s easy to get used to. And I do like that they include a volume knob. Yes, I’m still old school. The interior of the Ariya is incredibly livable. It’s comfortable and spacious and doesn’t feel like it compromises. Materials in the back seat.

The Ariya will be available with either one front mounted motor or two motors. The second powers the rear wheels. That gets you AWD or what Nissan are calling e-4ORCE. It will also have two battery size options, either a 63-kWh battery or a larger 87-kWh battery, so there are choices when it comes to buying the car you need or want. The battery lives underneath the center of car giving it a low center of gravity, that makes for solid handling. This little thing turns effortlessly and confidently thanks to that and a lot of structural rigidity. The suspension gives you a cushiony feel without going overboard and going mushy on you. ProPilot assist is the same system that comes on the Rogue, Pathfinder, Altima and other Nissan products and is the latest iteration of their driver’s assistance features.

Nissan moved the charge port from the front on the LEAF to the side in case you want to back into a parking spot. On a DC Fast charger you’ll get 100-miles in 15 minutes. The Ariya tops at a 130 kw charge peak – but the good thing about that is no matter if your 350 charger is only pushing 250 or 150 and not at full capacity you’ll always get that 100/15. The base model Venture+ (EPA est range: 304 miles) gets the 87 kWh battery (238-hp/221 lb-ft of torque) and comes well equipped with adaptive cruise control and leather wrapped steering wheel. That base model gets the longest possible range, so if that’s what you’re after you don’t have to spend more dough. You can only get the Venture+ trim with FWD.

Pricing starts at $45,950 and deliveries are expected in early fall for the FWD and late fall for the AWD models. Since the Ariya is built in Japan, if you haven’t already reserved one you won’t be eligible for the federal tax credit because that now only applies to cars built in the US and the Ariya is built in Japan. Nissan assures us they’re making strides to qualify again at some point based on the federal government’s latest regulations.

The Nissan Ariya has great looks, excellent interior space, respectable driving chops, and more than adequate range for even the most hesitant EV adopters. It feels deliberate and not like something thrown together. Looks like Nissan’s fellow country-folk have some catching up to do.

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