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With a base price that starts around $70,000, the Bronco Raptor is no lightweight. That does sound like a lot of money for a truck, but let’s take a look at what you get for your hard-earned cash.

The Bronco Raptor is powered by the 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 (418 hp/440 lb-ft torque) It pairs to Fords 10-speed automatic transmission.

When you’re first figuring out how to off-road it’s easier to learn with an automatic transmission. I’ve been off-roading a while and I prefer using an automatic. But the steering wheel gets paddle shifters for when you need to downshift for more power in a lower gear. So, Danger, let’s go!

The first thing that really stands out is these 37-inch tires. They are standard. Standard! That is insane. These hood and fender vents are functional. Yeah they look good, but those are for cooling the engine, as we workout the low range power and torque of this Goliath.

The rock rails have removable side steps so that these get out of your way and the front of the rear fenders are removable and replaceable. I’ve also got an upgraded front skid plate for better protection. And you need it on this. These bumper end caps are also removeable and it gets Rigid LED fog lights that aren’t street legal, so only use them when off-road.

The amber lights across the grille are actually a legal requirement because the width (9.8-inches wider than base Bronco) of the Bronco Raptor has increased to that of the Ford F-150 and well, you need to let folks know a wide load is on its way! Also, that extra width is great for more stability, another thing you really want.

The Bronco Raptor has gotten some significant suspension upgrades to handle all the stuff Danger is about to do to this vehicle.

That includes a Dana 50 solid rear axle and Dana 44 half shafts on the front independent front suspension. That front suspension is going to move the front tires independently so you can maneuver over rocks and boulders. Let’s go find some. You get better articulation up front so you can keep your four tires firmly on the ground. You can also disconnect your front sway bar for the same reason. More articulation is better.

Let’s talk about the GOAT modes for a second. There’s Normal, Sport, Tow/Haul, Slippery, Off-Road, Baja, Rock Crawl. I mean, they all kind of speak for themselves.

The Bronco Raptor has a PhD in Baja driving. When you throw it into Baja mode you even get an anti-lag feature, which keeps the turbos spooled mitigating lag so you don’t lose time.

Okay, stuff like washboard and whoops don’t seem super comfortable or particularly easy to drive over, but speed here is not your enemy. You’ll be surprised how fast you can and should drive over that stuff. This Bronco Raptor gets 13-inches of travel up front and 14.1- inches in the back is also gets special jounce bumpers and the Fox Live Valve shocks as in the F-150 Raptor just tuned differently on their massive new towers, which adjust over 500 times a second.

The Bronco Raptor gets the HOSS (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension) which I thought was just THE best part of the Bronco. It’s absolutely stellar.

This might be as much fun as you can have in a production off-road vehicle. Okay, forget the might, this is the most fun you can have in a production off-roader.

The Bronco Raptor only comes in the 4-door with the hard top, at least for now. The base Raptor gets vinyl seats and rubberized floor mats that you can hose down after a muddy outing. You’ll get Code Orange accents and details all over the place. You still get the toggle switches up here for accessories you want to add on. Love those.

Also, standard is a 12-inch infotainment touchscreen that’s swipe capable, gets Ford’s very good Sync $ system and has voice recognition. You get a 360-degree exterior camera, which is great to check out where rocks are but it’s no substitute for having someone spot for you in tricky scenarios. It’s got a power outlet, remote start and a storage bag for your front row roof panels and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Is this the best off-roader for a beginner? Heck yeah, you can do no wrong! It won’t let you!! But always be careful when you get into another vehicle that isn't quite as capable!

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3:30 Driving Impressions

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